Interview Top Tips

You’ve submitted your application and are now excited for the next phase, the interview! We know that interviews can be nerve-wracking: perhaps the hardest part of finding your dream role, that’s why we want to give you our top tips to help you prepare and make a good impression.

Do your research

Take some time to learn everything you can about us. What is our history, core values, and future goals? You’ll find lots of information on our company, careers and Investor Relations sites. Doing a Google search may bring up some interesting news articles too. Remember to check out the people you’ll be meeting with, have a look at their LinkedIn profile – where have they worked? What are their interests? Use this insight to prep some questions specific to the interviewer. That’s got to wow them! 

Be ready for questions

This is your time to shine - make sure you think carefully about your skills, achievements and interview answers which will make you stand out

Tell me about yourself

We’re interested in finding out about you and we may hit you with that key question – tell me about yourself. Treat it like your personal pitch, give an overview of your career, what you currently do, and what your proud of. Ultimately prepare to nail it and you’ll be off to a flying start! 

Tell me about a time when

So that we can get a feel for how you may perform in the role, we’ll be looking for specific examples, and we’ll use those ‘tell me about a time when’ questions.  So, to prepare, carefully read the job details and pay attention to the skills and experience needed.  Think about how your experience and skills match and prepare some answers. Use recent examples of situations where you excelled! 

Why us 

We want to know why you’re interested in working with us. Why is the role a great fit for you? How does it align with what motivates you? 

Questions for us 

Prepare some smart questions for when it’s your turn - show us how interested you are in us and the opportunity. Ask thoughtful questions that show you’ve done your homework and researched us well! 

Dress to impress!

This is your opportunity to make a great first impression. Dress smartly. Think about how you want to appear, look professional and tidy.  If you’re interviewing remotely using Teams or Zoom for example, make sure you’ve tidied up in the background, test your camera and audio, and make sure you have a quiet space for the duration of the call.

Be yourself!

Relax, be friendly and open. Remember to make eye contact to engage the interviewer and show your enthusiasm through your body language — be mindful not to cross your arms. If you are video interviewing try and look at the camera, not their video and make sure you smile!

We hope that following these interview tips can help you relax and land your dream job with us. 

Good luck!